A Representative Who Will Stand Up For the Working Class

Currently, Idaho is 50th in the country in weekly wages. It is necessary to reverse the decision that denies communities the right to decide minimum wage for themselves. We need to put Idaho families first by allowing communities, like Coeur d’Alene, the opportunity to vote on raising wages in order to lessen the struggle of those families have who are living paycheck to paycheck.

A Leader Who Will Fight For Restaurant Employees

It is time for servers to be required to be paid Minimum Wage in addition to tips. $3.35 an hour is UNACCEPTABLE for ANYONE to be paid in 2018. Tips are hard to live on consistently, and plan a life around, while getting nothing on a paycheck. It is time for Idaho to be a leader in paying employees.

Idaho Deserves Better Than 48th

Idaho is 48th in education. Our education system isn't broken, our state legislature is. Our state legislature has not fulfilled their constitutional obligation of funding our education system. Cities like Coeur d'Alene have to rely on local bonds and levies to keep our schools functioning. It is time for leaders who will truly stand up for education. I support the Idaho School Readiness Act that would fund pre-k education in Idaho. In addition, I believe that we have to take a serious look at the tuition burden that we are putting on our college students in the state of Idaho. We can no longer afford to strap college students with extreme debt and then expect a flourishing Idaho economy.


We already pay for it - We already pay for it - WE ALREADY PAY FOR IT. 62,000 Idahoans are in the Medicaid Gap. 3,800 are Veterans; 1,200 are Spouses of Veterans. Over 11,000, work in food service or restaurants. Closing the Gap will save lives and save Idaho money. It is a program we all already pay for. I support Medicaid Expansion.

Safety For Our Families.

As a gun sense candidate, I support what our law enforcement agencies in Idaho say will save lives. I support hunters. I support common sense gun legislation. One of those pieces of common sense gun legislation is enacting laws that prohibit gun possession by those who have been convicted of domestic violence crimes and abusers under active restraining orders; while ensuring that there is a clear process in place for abusers who become prohibited from having firearms to turn in the guns they already possess. In addition, closing the “boyfriend loophole” to ensure that all domestic abusers are prohibited from having guns, whether or not they have been married to their victims.

Keep Idaho's Public Lands Public

Our public lands are some of our most sacred treasures. We have to keep public access for our hikers, our hunter, our dog sled enthusiasts to be able to experience Idaho's public lands as they wish. Idaho's public lands are not for sale!

Make Animal Abuse a Felony in Idaho

Idaho is currently 46th in the nation for it's animal cruelty laws. We have to strengthen our animal-cruelty statutes to protect our domestic animals in Idaho. I am a proud supporter of Hank's Law. If elected, I will bring it to the floor of the Idaho House.

End Right To Work

We know that in Right To Work states, employees are paid less, there is a higher rate of workplace injuries and there is less value placed on education. To stand by workers is to stand by unions who will protect our workers.

Close Corporate Loopholes in Idaho

We have to close corporate loopholes so that everyone pays their fair share. We are losing the money that could pay for increased salary for teachers. We are losing the money that could pay for universal pre-k. We are losing the money that could fill the potholes in our roads. Instead of giving incentives to corporations and out-of-state conglomerates that offer low-paying jobs, I believe that we should give those tax breaks to the small and local businesses that are giving Idaho the innovation of the future.